TFT as a trading company had common business with others, but we also had different with others,  There's always one for you.


Level 1. We can buy from you: We could be the role as a purchaser of your products base on our needed information from online, onsite, product exhibitions around the world, if you are a good seller with highly reputation and products quality might be on our purchase list.

Level 2. We can be your platform: if you growth up from level 1, we can support the wonderful platform to show your greatest product by online distribution and global exhibitions, we cooperate with the  most famous online search engine and hot exhibitions around the world, we choose the best only in each area, and you could be our co-operators or co-exhibors. 

Level 3. We can be your agent: At this level, we can be the role to sell your products to the world, we also bring the exhibit the exhibitions and the potential clients where every they are, you do not have to weast any time for promotion, you can just focus on your own business development.

Level 4. We can be you: After planty successful orders in serial years, we sincerely looking for your cooperations as a partnership, we will mainly to work for you for growth up together.


1. TFT products always sold by high reputations and high quality, different products level have different guarantees.

2. TFT works as a middle man for leve 2 products, we will keep checking and tracking each orders going well.

3. TFT support guarantee on order s duration and quality for level 3 & level 4 products, you do not have to worried about any procedure on orders.

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